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    Looking South     Looking West    
      Looking North       Looking South      
      Looking North towards the cave       A peaceful scene        
      The cave at the northern end       Walking up to the private areas - centre of beach      
      Entrance to the private areas       Private area      
                               Looking South           Looking South                               
                      Looking North         Looking North               
                      Looking South towards the private southern areas                
              Connecting with Nature - Naturally - At the private southern area                
              ....Taken from the timber steps down to the beach....                
                      From the timber steps Beach scene looking south, close to the timber steps              
          Left: A private area near the centre of the beach. Right: Looking north from this area.          
          Left: Looking south from the private area. Right: A shady spot near the entrance stairs.          
          Top: Taken from the private bushy area towards the beach.
The pictures below show this area.
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