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About 12klms from Batemans Bay is the 'Eurobodalla Coast' entrance sign
About 10 klms from Batemans Bay is the turnoff sign for
South Durras
      (Left) Travelling from the North - Followed about a kilometre down the road a sign that says 'Turnoff South Durras' followed by the turnoff for South Durras.
(Right) Travelling from the South - The Benandarah Store is just before the turnoff.
Just past Benandarah Store is the right turnoff to South Durras.
(See below)
      (Left) Take the left hand turn from the north, and follow this road to the entrance of 'Murramarang Resort'.
(Right) Take the right hand turn from the south and follow this road to the entrance of 'Murramarang Resort'.
              The road view from the highway, which will take you to South Durras and the entrance sign at Murramarang Resort (8 klms) ... see below.                
              From the entrance of Murramarang Resort Camping & Accommodation, look right and south towards the road that leads to Myrtle Beach. The road is to the right of the Murramarang entrance.                
              The entrance above, to the road leading to Myrtle Beach with the sign on the left.
Below shows there is also a road that leads left.
                The left hand road leads to the beach that backs onto Murramarang Resort. It has a small parking area and only a few metre walk to that beach (not a nude beach)                
                The sign that shows directions to Myrtle beach and other areas along the road.                
                The road is narrow, unsealed and one lane. Take it slow as it can be rough at times, as there are pot holes that are not easy to see.                
                Approximately 2-3 klms you will come to a fork in the road with a sign that reads Myrtle Beach and Dark beach. Take the left turn.                
                Follow this road down to the parking area.                
              This is the parking area for both Myrtle and Dark Beaches. Directly in front of the parking area is a sign that directs you to Myrtle beach...the walkway.
Walkway Directions
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