Directly in front of the Myrtle Beach car park is the sign directing you towards Myrtle Beach.
From here it is a 5-10 minute walk to the beach.
The walk is quite meandering and interesting.
With different gum tree formations and natural bushland.
                When you venture out of the trees, you enter a clearing.
Close to the right hand walkway that leads you down to Myrtle beach.
There is a small fork in the walkway. 
Take the track to the right that leads down to Myrtle beach.
              The track down has been reinforced with treated planks/logs.              
Further down you will start to see the beach.
                Looking back up the track. A trek to keep you fit!                       
              You will reach steps and timber landings that will take you down to Myrtle beach.              
                Along the walkway you may see the exotic plant life.              
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