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  For many years this page has documented my Summary Story about Growing Up in Manilla NSW Australia. It was a Story I wrote in 2014. For the last few years I have been writing my Story for Publication - A Book.

It is now finished and totals 260 pages. The Book print and pages are Quality, with matt gloss pages and a full gloss cover. It has a Quality Feel and Look about it which is what I was trying to achieve. The size of the Book is 230mm x 155mm - A good size.

"We never realize what we miss, until we miss what we should have realized." (Mitchell Zen) 

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Growing up in a small country town is a lot different to the City, especially if money is short. For this reason, growth had to do with creativity and initiative, as it wasn't what you bought but rather what you made or created in life. I was given a lot of freedom to explore, but also discipline.

Arrival and Early Growth:  I arrived in Manilla with my family in 1956 and left Manilla when I was 14-15 years of age.
I look back now and find it was an adventure for growth, a simple existence without the many distractions that young people have today. I now also believe that the distractions and "entertainment" for the young today, prevent natural growth - preventing an inner natural energy to grow. 

Unfortunately, t
he man-made distractions today are driven from profit desires rather than an ethical standard. Contributing to the increasing prevalence of ADD, obesity, autism and mental health deterioration - a result of the need for more materialism. Materialism doesn't create more happiness or well-being, and the simplicity of life in Manilla all those years ago gave everyone a sense of Self, within.

Manilla in the 1950s-1960s provided this natural growth, a simplicity that enticed an inner belief in ourselves - towards inner spiritual creativity that produced inner freedom.

The 1950s and 1960s was also a period of virtual full-time employment.  A time where people prospered, when housing was affordable and people could look forward to a future of personal growth. 

We didn’t have television, microwave, computer, mobile phones, washing machine, DVD’s, air-conditioning or anything of that nature. Credit (debt) cards were unknown. If you didn't have money to buy something you did without. We had one small radio in the lounge room which my parents listened to and didn’t have a telephone until later. I wasn’t allowed to use the telephone as it was only for necessities. We did have one small car and this was protectively looked after.

My mother used to make a lot of clothes for me - swimmers, school uniforms etc. She was very creative with her sewing machine. The sewing machine was operated by her feet on a swivel peddle and this used to move the needle up and down in the machine. We were continually on the move, providing our body with natural feel-good endorphins created from within by healthy mind and body activities. Which is one consideration of why we didn’t have a young obesity problem in the 1950s-1960s that is widespread with the young today.

Other provided entertainment in Manilla was the Saturday afternoon Matinee at the local picture theatre, the Milk Bar, the Weir for swimming and as time progressed, Sport and the Cubs/Scouts.

Country Manilla - our own utopian lifestyle.  There were no expectations in life. Unfortunately, today, over many years of media and social influence, people have been primed to believe there are "expectations" for living today - A need for more materialistic gains and entertainment.

During my years in Manilla there were no expectations, which meant we didn’t want for anything – just enjoy what we had or create our own individual specialities in life.
* Because this Book has Colour Pictures printed on Quality Paper, on most Pages, the Cost will be more than a Book with just words that is printed on less quality paper. However, it was necessary to Capture this Era of the 1950s-1960s in its full Context. This Book is an Historical account of Life, Eclectic in Nature, Humorous in parts, and a Serious Narration of this Period in Time. Possibly viewed as a Collectors Book for Families in the Future *
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Me above, circled.
Manilla NSW Primary Central School 6A 1962
Back row L-R: Jim McDowell, Tony Bull, Keith Urquhart, David Ross, Doug McClelland, Warren Mathews, Russell Parker.
2rd Row L-R: Brian Reid, Brian Lynch?, Stephen Cotton, Roy Hall, Me, Will Gardiner? Garry Weatherall? Ron Ghys, Brian Davis.
3rd Row L-R: Marion Stewart, Gaye Tomlinson, Cheryl Cooke, Judy Hall, Wendy Dowe? Kay Porter, Lee Hawkins, Deyonne Slattery.
Front Row L-R: Margret Campbell, Denise Pillon, Marilyn Tillman, Gay?Forward? Jane Huggins, Robyn Bryan? Annette Bell, Allison Brasen, Vera Bushby. Absent: Jeanette Bell
Teacher Noel Logan
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Motorcycle born in 1985 and still going strong.
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        Manilla NSW Central School Primary 1950's-1960's - Grant Harrison, Noel Watts, Jill Bignall, Glenn Harley, Gail Akers, Lynette Perry, Stephen Carter, Robert deSmid, Denise Smith, Avril Selkirk, Rosemary Richman, Reg Church, Graham Wolfe, John Collier, Graham Bell, Noel McMillan, Peter Hatch, Greg Weatherall, Susan Rogerson, Geoff Martin. George Harley - Inspirationalist and Scout leader to the youth of Manilla NSW.