This article is of an esoteric nature. To achieve the depth of what is being projected narratively takes in-depth inner observation to achieve and requires the perception to ask the question:  "What I see is not what is."

Well-Being in life is sought after as an important attribute for our mental and body health - psychosomatically. Without inner well-being we fall short of knowing ourselves and being happy in life. Inner well-being comes from our consciousness, and to know ourselves we need to experience our inner self - our consciousness. This article explores how you can experience more in life - by knowing yourself.

"Finding your deep consciousness (your Inner Self - Being) enables you to balance your life with external exploration and inner peace. This dual nature also affects positively the people close to you, enabling you to give more compassion, more understanding, more empathy, more care and love. It will enable you to combine your independent life as self and combine deep consciousness life with the people who care about you through communicative love. You will also be able to consciously separate from your deep consciousness, and explore your life outwardly also. It is possible to combine these innate aspects of yourself, if you gain the knowledge and understanding of deep consciousness – your psyche, soul, Being.”

            This may seem paradoxically radical, yet to feel the life it exudes, is a revelation in self. In one way the feeling is like a parallel universe. "It's a bit like feeling you are two people". One that engages with the outside world in a conscious way, yet still maintaining a sense of self; an awareness of your surrounds. On another realm, when you disassociate with the outside world to find your inner consciousness, this in itself is entering a parallel universe also.
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"The matter of mind, in general, and of consciousness, in particular, allows humans to exercise, to the vanishing point, the desire for understanding and the appetite for wonderment at their own nature that Aristotle recognized as so distinctively human." Damasio.


Feeling and understanding your deep consciousness is when you can feel something else within your body while you are in a quiet observatory and meditative state (solitude). You will feel an inner intelligence communicating with you without words, and at other times, with words. A knowing there is something or someone else within you.

Consciousness, the word, didn’t appear in my realm until later. My previous experiences with ‘self’ was acknowledged through the words: Awareness, Inner Depth, Feelings. It was a sense of knowing there was or must be something else, than what we had been taught to believe in our society. Taught to believe the veneer of life, from parents, schooling, employment, social groups, media, advertising and all the facets of our present external western society.

With these teachings, predominantly based around the external world, there was a continuing feeling it wasn’t me, as a person in the true sense, and a product of something not understood. 


My first journey was to find out who I was through inner awareness, rather than read and be taught by others that would manipulate my true senses from their perspective realm. Feeling my true sense, and questioning my current reality, and, understand the truth from my own inner retrospective thoughts became an important contributor to finding the truth about self.

It was only later, a number of years later (when I felt I knew myself inwardly) that I tentatively started to read about how my body and brain operated.  Which is when the word ‘consciousness’ was discovered, and the many pathways it came from and led to.

This article is in two parts:  Part (1) Deals with consciousness from the viewpoint of my understanding of self.  Part (2) Gives some insight into my journey when I first started to look for answers about life and how, over time, I achieved the end result.

                  .....PART (1).....                    

When I first delved into the various facets of consciousness as a word, it appeared to be so vast and complex. However, experiencing consciousness (inner awareness) from my own experiences and the terminology of consciousness, in its true spiritual sense, it became clearer the meaning exceeded even more than I had experienced.  This knowledge base, for me, was amazing, and transformed a knowing to an holistical experience and consciousness as a higher reality. My whole life started to become more meaningful.

One consciousness definition states: “Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. This article deals with true deep consciousness; being aware and responsive to one’s inner world through the intelligence of consciousness that is our Being. Being aware and responsive to our inner world we are able to influence our external world or one’s surroundings.


From childhood, our life’s teachings of the external world have blocked out and denied our instinctive self or soul - for the soul destroying external mechanical world. This has to change if we are to have well-being in our lives. With a reported 1 in 4 persons on anti-depressants, we need to ask the question why? Is it a feeling of being overwhelmed about life and lack of autonomy? I believe so. The next step is to 'find ourselves', and this is what this article is about.

Consciousness - Broken down it becomes conscious-ness, meaning conscious:  being consciously aware of something, and ness:  being the overall spiritual realms and feeling surrounding conscious awareness.  To visualize this concept, view your body in your mind and see an aura of spirit around it and within your body. This is consciousness, the truth, your intelligence working throughout you in its idealistic self. It is also your inner energy.

To feel deep consciousness in its true sense and depth of spiritual awareness; is through quiet and inner observation, inner/personal perspectivity and lengthy contemplation over time. Also, to quietly observe the outside world; to question the current world you see, and gradually perceive a new perspective on what is seen.


Deep consciousness is you. It is the spirit you that regulates everything around your Being. It is your God, your intelligence, your guide, your person, your you, in a spiritual realm.  The word intelligence is the optimum energy of consciousness.  It is your life force, the intelligence that is always there. It however, is not used to its full advantage in western society - if ever.

People are more inclined to be pre-occupied with the world out there, rather than the world within ourselves. To venture in the world of deep consciousness can be very confronting for many, as our society has been taught and programmed to be aware of the outside world, and respond to that, rather than look within ourselves for our true identity and reality.

Over the many years of this functional priming, society responds unconsciously to the outside world. It maintains an inability to question life, and rather, accept unconditionally that what is seen is life. You believe what you see rather than question.


When we say consciousness is us, it covers ourselves in many realms as it is our driving force within our diversity in life. If we say mental health - mental health covers much diversity and diagnoses.  If we say food - food covers many food areas also. What we are talking about in this article though, is the refined and purity of consciousness - the base of ourselves and our true Being – the depth of consciousness within ourselves that will, when experienced, change our perceptions of ourselves and the outside world.

The full intelligence of consciousness cannot be felt or understood unless we disassociate mentally from the external influences in our lives. We must feel consciousness to fully understand it, and feeling consciousness takes time, patience and varied processes to train ourselves to look inside, and feel inside, rather than be influenced by the outside. The catalyst is to disassociate from influences we have got used to and have unconsciously acted on a daily basis.  Many years of priming and programming from the external world has created this. Society reacts from the outside mechanical world, and opinions are drawn from this outside world, rather than cues from inside us.

Consciousness felt, is nirvana to our-selves.  It is a peaceful realm of us and awareness about our-selves. Once felt, it changes our perceptions of the world, the way we think, feel and react. Feeling our consciousness is also the doorway to our new lives. It is a life that is more understanding, feeling and gives us depth of awareness about ourselves and the world around us.  Consciousness is our inner intelligence, and if we understand it, our consciousness will give us a new direction and feeling for, and in, life.


Deep recognition of consciousness gives the sensitivity to embark on a deeper life of love, care, affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, emotion, sentiment, passion, ardour, desire, reverence and devotion. The deep feeling of consciousness takes you to another realm, a parallel universe that is intrinsic with your Being. Consciousness is the loving, selfless and honesty of your Being and is the pathway to true understanding of self.


It takes you also on the journey of tolerance, patience, forgiving, and supportive of one another.  You will find that if a person close to you is not experiencing deep consciousness you will feel mental pain, trauma, a disruptive mind and a feeling of being unsettled. The only way to keep your own sanity is to disengage from these people. They are not aligned to your consciousness and therefore energy levels are short circuiting. Generally the ones that don’t feel or know consciousness are connected and influenced by the outside world and are themselves traumatised by these influences. This could be described as bleak sterility mechanistic thought – thoughts involving the outside mechanical world, creating mechanical thoughts - that are not aligned to our spirituality/consciousness. No wonder many are living through deeply anxious days and stress.


We can only fully appreciate our consciousness and learn to build our deep consciousness through peaceful moments. Consciousness intelligence is only possible through observation - quiet observation of the world around you, watching the people close to you, experiencing and watching people’s reaction to external stimuli, and listening to your inner body cues.  You become the observer of the movie playing in front of you – the life around you. In these moments you become internally disengaged from the outside world.

Ask yourself also: What is your body relaying to you? Ringing in the ears, nerve endings bubbling in your legs, fingers twitching, inner facial movements, rapid eye movements, noise, nervous energy, a feeling you need to do something?  All these are cues:  to change and venture into the world of consciousness and to a world that will modify negative body reactions to a peaceful positive – a change to deep and peaceful consciousness. We could also say you are entering your soul.


Our body, brain and mind unite in communication and our consciousness is the Being intelligence of all these actions. We must never underestimate the power of consciousness as it is our life force and our intelligence for our own nirvana. It is our life’s energy.

Imagine and view two of yourself. Your body, and all its component parts as you see it, and then a consciousness spirit within and surrounding your body.

Consciousness cannot be measured. It is an infinite Being with no space and no time. Within us it commences in our cellular structure. Electrons in our cells are infinite pockets of energy – many millions. One electron can move to another location and there is no space between - just like a thought. One thought to another thought - there is no space between those thoughts. Collectively, the energy within our cells is so great it reaches into the universe. We are therefore in communication with the universe. We are all part of this wondrous world and nature –  dharma.

If we observe, inwardly, in quiet moments of reflection, a thought or idea appears in our mind. This occurs via a wave of electrons collapsing to a deeper realm of our senses, and the thought or idea becomes reality - it becomes real.  We begin to change our own creation of self. There is no order, just random acts of our consciousness that creates a new reality for us. With quiet contemplation we are able to deliver a gradual new perspective about ourselves and the life that surrounds us.


Start by asking yourself is the life you presently have congruent with your body and mind in a peaceful and harmonious way? Is it designing a life to produce your inner well-being or rather, outward acquisitions/purchases?  Are you always looking for external stimulation or can you sit and relax without wanting more?  These are the big questions to ask, to find the depth of consciousness and the intelligence that will give peace and well-being rather than external acquisitions.

This is where the intelligence of our consciousness is at its deepest moments. It can create a new reality, an awareness that is outside the present reality seen - the reality you have seen and unconsciously followed throughout your life. Instead of reacting to outside influences, consciousness gives you the power to regulate the influences and be aware of your reactions and behaviour. It gives you the power to have control over your life.


Your eyes only see a construct of reality. It is a construct of someone else’s idea of a reality. This reality is not yours. Someone else perceived this reality for you, and you have followed - from birth, parents, school education, jobs, entertainment and the media. All have programmed you to believe the life you see is the life you need. However, it is only a perception of life. Acts of consciousness can change this perception and lead you to a life of personal nirvana and understanding.  With consciousness felt you are able to see the dishonest reality and feel the true reality of yourself, and feel a new sense of ownership over yourself.

Our brain does not know the difference between what we see with our eyes, and what we think if we close our eyes. Our brain and body, because they are in communication with each other, will react to a thought and fantasy in the same way as if we see something. What we see and what we think will send the same communicative emotional chemicals throughout our body. This is also our intelligent consciousness at work.


I have a saying: “We only know ourselves if we are by ourselves”.  This is your key - spend time with yourself and observe your surroundings; spend time with yourself with nature. These quiet and reflective times will gradually grow deep consciousness within your body. What are you feeling? What is your body saying to you?  These are big questions to ask yourself; confronting and new. It is confronting because society has been taught to react to outside influences and stimulation. We have been programmed to believe this is life, our life, and there is no other way.

          Feeling and acknowledging consciousness and the inner intelligence we have will direct a different reality - one that will be more peaceful - our own nirvana. Disassociating from the external world and observing will create a new personal reality.          

We are created through our conscious mind to look for stimuli, new adventures, new ideas and change (the conscious intellect’s search for knowledge) Our species has an innate desire to experience different stimuli, to grow towards wisdom. However, it is when the stimuli overtakes our life and we lose our sense of self; which is in defiance of our inner instinct.  It is a constant battle between the instinct controlled state (consciousness) and the intellect controlled state - If we don’t acquire the knowledge of the intelligent and powerful inner consciousness.  Having no knowledge of our inner consciousness, we lack control and our ego (the conscious thinking self) takes over.

In these circumstances we become addicted to outside stimuli and the more we acquire the more we want. Finding the intelligence of inner consciousness creates an ability to be aware of these behaviours, monitor actions, and change to achieve a balance.  Finding inner consciousness fills this void of wanting more and stopping the addictive need for more. It relieves the selfish, aggressive and competitive nature within you.  In consciousness, this void becomes your nirvana; a psyche which in Greek terms is: “The soul or the very essence of life” - our inner voice. 


Consciousness for me today is feeling like I am another person, and rather/perhaps two people.  The other person is my past, with all the unconscious reactions from the stimuli and influences that ruled my life. The person today is the real person within; a person that can see the faults, the reactions, the life that was ruled by others. My real person within today is in control of the past, in control of past programmed behaviour, and continually constructs new pathways that are based on consciousness intelligence and my awareness of the peaceful self, as the true intelligent force within.

Our society is built around an economy that has nothing to do with personal well-being. Its main agenda is to keep the economy flowing with monetary policies that predominantly drive our population towards a survival existence. It is a world of egocentric, competitive and aggressive behaviour that festers escapist, superficial and artificial behaviour, where this power, fame and fortune-seeking existence is the insecurity of a worthless condition that leads to no-where.


Finding true consciousness constantly living in these circumstances of survival is not possible.  It is possible though, within moments of quiet contemplation, to look within ourselves, and ask questions about this our present state. Gradually our realities and perceptions will follow a new pathway of finding our true peace within the chaotic life of monetary survival.

Peace will never be found by continually acquiring products. The more products acquired for happiness the more we seek. Once the high of buying a product dies, the search for another to fill the gap continues - an addiction that has to be continually fed. Happiness only comes from within, and only comes from finding, and then feeling, and understanding our true consciousness and intelligence.

By being in touch with our consciousness we are in touch with our selfless and loving moral instincts, releasing the selfish, aggressive, egocentric and alienated ways of our life. We become part of our natural instincts and part of a world that will transform you towards a better life within. A passage that is in harmony with self and a road to follow that will give you peace – internally and externally
                  ....PART (2)....                    

How did I start to find my true self and consciousness? 

Many years ago I was sitting overlooking nature, asking a big question: “What now, what is this all about?” And each afternoon for weeks I contemplated. I also asked: “Why drink alcohol?” This was the start of my quest for inner answers. (Alcohol is consumed for many reasons, however, when searching for the true meaning of yourself and consciousness, don’t consume alcohol)


At this stage of life I had also reached another milestone, another achievement. And the question was: “What is next, what do I do now, what should I do, what should I achieve?” This appeared to be a torturous road of never ending searching achievements. And I asked why? Slowly I saw another way more peaceful. Looking back now, I like many others, were addicted to the outside world’s idea of life. We were taught to do more, achieve more, gain more – to be happy. Directed to us as the purpose of life, that will provide growth and well-being. How wrong this is! There must be a balance between what we achieve, and our spiritual deep consciousness. Without the knowledge of deep spiritual consciousness we will never be happy.

Gradually I changed my perceptions of my surroundings, the people around me, and, concentrated on how I really felt. I decided to live my life according to my feelings. This was difficult to achieve in many aspects as I lived with people who were involved within the external mechanistic world. This change did cause conflict with others around me. However, I persevered, and as much as possible, combined my inner life with the outside mechanistic viewpoint that surrounded me.

Eventually I had an opportunity to live an independent life – by myself. This became the optimum catalyst for change. To survive I had to work, so during the day worked as one person and after work and the weekends I lived as another person – my world. My world as an inner person.


I didn’t read magazines, newspapers, books; didn’t watch television or listen to the radio; didn’t have a calendar or a clock on the wall and did not drink alcohol or coffee. Cooked and ate healthy food, listened to relaxing music without lyrics, kept fit and went for walks in the park, sat in the park, looked at the trees, the sky, and generally got in touch with nature. I visited particular places that would satisfy my curiosity and learnt from this. I sat in the company of others, rarely engaging, and only if it involved subject matters relating to the mind or change and people that were aligned to my psychic vibrations. I watched the behaviour of others, listened, generally viewing the world from my inner world; isolating myself from the influences of the outside world, to find who I really was. It was basically all about how I felt about the world around me and how it influenced me inside. From this viewpoint I could monitor and guide myself into a position of comfortability with myself and the outside world - an inner knowing that I was part of it but also not part of it.


When the time was right I eventually, and tentatively, ventured into finding out how my brain and body operate. I wanted to know whether there was a rational interpretation for my thoughts; delving also into the quantum world and, in turn, the consciousness world. The revelation was, my thoughts and feelings were validated as the true meaning of life. The world as I imagined and experienced was a true interpretation of a world we should all live to find peach, harmony and well-being. This knowledge validated my purpose and where I entered a vast world of meaningful interpretations.


During the latter part of my development in this area, I had a strong feeling to visit my past - but why? It had been something buried, avoided and, found out later, confronting and traumatic. A life I had ignored as an important contributor to my growth. But why?  However, there was a strong feeling I should make the journey and find out why.  The journey brought mental pain and trauma, and memories of a past that should not have been forgotten. It should have been embraced with feeling, acceptance, love and memories of peace and growth, and, a childhood of adventure and happiness.  This journey brought understanding, compassion, unity, and empathy for the life that I had not wanted to face. It moved me towards a fuller understanding of life and the many benefits of consciousness intelligence to reach a personal nirvana – and the true and deep feeling and understanding of Love.


Love and consciousness are closely related. They are both a deep sense of personal reality and flow through our body with ease and contentment. Without love and consciousness we are no-body; only skimmers in this world that slide on the surface of a reality that is mechanistically driven.

We only find the true meaning of life when we look within ourselves and feel our true depth; gain the knowledge of how we operate as a human; confront the past and acknowledge its successes and complexities, and above all, accept and understand ourselves as powerful beings that are able to have control over our lives.  Without confronting our whole life and confronting ourselves as a person, we will not find deep consciousness and our own personal nirvana. We will not find the true position in our world unless we seek the truth about what our inner self feels and responds. We are no-one unless we feel ourselves peacefully.

Question the life you see, question its formation and complex state, and begin to understand the reason why many suffer from mental trauma, consume alcohol and take drugs to numb life and continue engaging consistently with external entertainment to avoid thinking. It is their personal agenda to avoid themselves rather than acknowledge themselves as a powerful identity. This alternative may be difficult to comprehend, yet it is the only way for true self nirvana.

What will you do?

              Copyright Mitch Ezyrider Australia